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The Colourful Language of Northern Ireland

Contributed Brightspakes

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Brightspakes are such a delightful part of everyday speech that we seldom forget them. When we hear one we are reminded of others. This page features contributions sent in by visitors to this site.

Thanks to Ed Stewart of Belfast for the following :-

“Wud ye go an play tig with the buses”

“There she goes again, opens her mouth and jumps in with both feet”.

“Get that into ye, good Irish stew it will stick to yer belly”.

“Don’t teach your granny to suck eggs”.

“Go take a running jump”.

“Any more of it and there will be less of it”.

“He’s as thick as champ”. ("Champ" is a local dish made with mashed potato and scallions.)

“She’s a face on her like a Lurgan spade”.

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