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The Colourful Language of Northern Ireland
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On this page we'll include a list of links to other web sites that may interest you if you share our love of humour and Ulster speech.

High Till Speak Norn Iron

Lots here to make you titter. Be sure you are wearing the right kecks and check out their online store. 

The Newry Nyuck - (click Newry phrase book link on left when the page comes up)

A wonderful collection from Brian Dodds - arranged alphabetically.

A celebration of James Young

Who remembers those wonderful characters Orange Lily and Mrs. O'Condriac?

Hooley music

Click on the link to go to the BBC Scotland page and listen to a broadcast of "Take the Floor" to be transported back to the barn dances of your youth.

The Ulster Scots Agency

Not really about dialect, but you will find it interesting if you love our peculiar language.

Poems in Ulster Scots

The blood of the Irish bard flows in many Ulster Scots veins.

Our Wullie

Great You Tube presentation of an Ulster Scots poem about the adventures of Our Wullie and his car...

The Clitheroe Kid

If you like cheeky stuff (and you must if you're here) you won't get cheekier than our Jimmy - and not a trace of political correctness anywhere.

Give my head peace

Learn the lingo as heard on this very funny BBC show.

Fireside stories of the old days

From Donegal, but typical of anywhere in rural Northern Ireland in days gone by.

Oil lamps and turf fires.

Memories of an Ulster childhood.

Eejit's Glasgow patter.

Highly recommended. Have a skelly and you'll see that most of the Glasgow slang is common to Norn Iron.


English as spoken in Co.Cavan.