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The Colourful Language of Northern Ireland
Literary delights
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Quotations from literature


"...her face wos like a gaol dure
With the bowlts pulled out. "
from "Me an' Me Da"



"Ger 'long ar that ye shower o' wee skitthers yis."
from On Your Way by A.J.S. Crawford


"The lady had a boozalum
  you could graze a cow on".
James Stephens (1881-1950) Irish Writing



"Wet me a cup o' tea, for my mouth's as grummly as a puddle."

" could bate the fried eggs against the wall."  

"She went off like a clockin hen when it hears a magpie!"

"....bating about like a hen in nettles."

from December Bride by Sam Hanna Bell