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The Colourful Language of Northern Ireland

John Pepper

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A tribute to the man who probably started it all.

"Northern Ireland is a Disneyland of terminological delight."  John Pepper

"I'm sick to my stummick luckin' at him sittin' there with a face like a cowl poultice."

"Could ye face a brown egg?"

"He's that iggerant he thinks John Bunyan was a charapadist."

"He has a quare oul' mouth for coolin' broth."


"Go out into the garden and play yourself. And if I look out and you're not there I'll bring you in."

"She has as many wrinkles on her face as would hold a fortnight's rain."


"My gutties is neuked."


"It's that wee you could sit on the toilet and pay the milkman at the front door."


"He has an eye like a cold fried egg."



If you enjoyed these brightspakes, books of Ulster English collected and recorded by John Pepper are available from the Appletree Press and Blackstaff Press.